Ms C asked:

I have weiner dog. The cutest weiner dog ever. I read that Dachshunds come in three sizes. Standard size, miniature size, and toy size. Okay, what the hell does “toy size” mean……what is “toy” define as the best word to describe a Dachshund’s size?

And I do believe my dog is a “toy size” since she weighs 7lb.
Because they said “toy size” is 8lb and she weighs 7lb.

Okay I meant to say ..

Why is “toy” used as the define word for a dog smaller than a miniture?

Not “what”
To the person who said “Dachshunds don’t come in toy size”..if they didn’t why would have posted this question?

I’ve done my research….and Dachshunds indeed come in “toy size”

I have a “toy size” Dachshund sitting on my lap right now.

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